Oxton Ladies FC is committed to its responsibilities to safeguarding the welfare of all young people involved in grassroots football

We fully support and appreciate our team of dedicated volunteer Club and League Welfare Officers working towards maintaining a safe and fun environment for young people who play, train, referee and coach.

We strongly believe in ‘listening to children and young people’ and that their views are really important.

Report concerns to the F.A.



The FA Website link to support

Over the years The FA has been asked for advice and guidance to help clubs create fun, safe and inclusive environments.

This advice the form of Guidance Notes, available to download in themed-sections of this website.

We have also gathered all the Guidance Notes as a complete directory below for easy reference.

You’ll find top tips, templates and a great resource to browse through and see what you and/or your club might benefit from going forwards

Welcome To The Cheshire FA Website - The Home Of Local Football In Cheshire.

Cheshire F.A..

We are proud to be developing football in Cheshire, providing opportunities For All, regardless of age, ability, gender, faith, sexuality or background to get involved in the game - in whatever role they choose.

Wherever our journey in the game takes us, our focus is to Change Lives Through Football


Respect - Codes of Conduct

Positivity Always Wins. That’s our passionate message for young players. When they play positive, they play better!

Research shows that 90% of young players play better with positive encouragement. Our vision is to create a safer, more inclusive, more enjoyable game, a game with more respect.

What does positivity actually mean in football? Why does staying positive matter?  Well we’ve got stars like Ade Akinfenwa, Alex Bailess, Jelani Inyama and Ben Nuttall on board, for our new four part content series. They each spent some time with our hosts Moses and Morfo to chat about what positivity means to them.

So get ready, get inspired and check out our videos to discover how positivity always wins!