Charlottes' Brightside.

Charlotte’s Brightside (C.L.C. Charlotte Leigh Churchill…. is a charity that supports children and young people. We are based in New Brighton, Wirral in a purposely refurbished centre; we provide a wide range of activities to positively engage children and young people.  Our varied activities include: Yoga, rap, graffiti, art, crafts, cooking, drama, dance, singing & Choir.

Oxton Ladies partners with UW

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Andy Grant - The Leg it Podcast.

Former Royal Marine and Motivational Speaker, Andy Grant is joined by Jordan Neild as they talk to some of the interesting people people.
In addition, the lads release a weekly sports show which is designed to get you up close and personal with the world of sport.
Andy talks about social media, anxiety, and well-being as well as some cracking hilarious podcasts with  youtube sensations, football stars and celebrities.
The Legit Podcasts available here.
Empowering Oxton Ladies

Empowering Oxton Ladies

Cafe Brunch- Seaview Road, Liscard. Incredible menu for breakfast, lunch and evening deliveries. Click the link to check out the menu that chef and owner, Carole, has designed herselft. 

Carole has recently started playing football after waiting for the opportunity to get involved. 

Oxton thank her for the support and wish her continued success. 

Cafe Brunch website
Education for children, schools, homes and businesses.

Education for children, schools, homes and businesses.

Owned by Adam and Leanne, The Sensory Toy Shop, on Mill Lane in Wallasey is your one stop shop to go for your sensory needs, fidgets and gifts. They provide experience to help build confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging for children looking for a positive environment to learn and grow. Their goal is to inspire and empower young children to reach their potential in life.

The Sensory Toyshop
Health Coaches for both children and adults

Health Coaches for both children and adults


🐝Primary & Children’s Yoga Teachers
🐝Holistic Children’s Well-Being Practitioner
🐝Adult Meditation Teachers
🐝Holistic Women’s Health Coaches

Instagram Link and information