At Oxton Ladies we always try to give clear information to parents and players without over whelming them.

Here are are some points you will find useful. If you have any questions please ask them, we will be glad to answer them.


   How much will it cost me?

  • Players are welcome to train with the club but must be registered with the club to play in games within the league.

  • Player registration is £18 per player per season.

  • This covers player league registration and player insurance against accident.

  • Monthly subs are to be paid every month, these are £12 per month per player, and can be paid cash or standing order.


  Where do you play?

 Depending on the age group,  Teams play at various sites around Wirral, Arrowe Park, Pensby High School, Leasowe     Recreation centre, and Activity For All Upton.


  Does my daughter need any thing to play?

  • Players must provide their own football boots and shin pads, the club does not provide these items.​

  • Shin pads Must be worn during training and matches. Suitable footwear must be worn at all times when playing.

  • Team football kit is provided by the club, and reamains the property of the club. If lost or damaged it must be replaced at your cost from our supplier.


  Attending matches.

  • We encourage parents and spectators to attend matches, but respectfully ask that you don't coach players during matches as this may be different from the coach's instruction, and this confuses players.

  • Please don't criticise players. They will make mistakes, remember they are children learning the game.

  • All spectators must remain behind designated Respect barriers at all times! Never stand behind goals or between pitches. If you are asked to move please do so without argument or complaint, to avoid the referee being asked to stop the game until you move or a fine being issued to the club by the league.

  • Verbal or physical abuse and intimidation of players, referees or coaches. Will not be tolerated! 
    This is children's football, not the Premier league!
    People will make mistakes, they are all volunteers and it is not an easy task.

  • The club and all its members follow the FA Respect programme and ask that all spectators do so as well.


  Complaints or concerns

  • We take concerns and complaints seriously and will always investigate and take any action appropriate if required.

  • If you do have any complaints regarding anything, raise the matter with the coach or a club official as soon as possible.

  • If you have a concern over behaviour or concerns for a child. Please raise this with the clubs welfare officers as soon as possible in person, via telephone, or email and in writing if necessary.